Oktoberfest Year Round at Bru

Finding a bar with an unique identity and character in center city can be quite the challenge.  Bru delivers on both fronts, with an unique German identity and rustic character that transports patrons to Munich with its authentic food and beer selections.  Located on Chestnut Street between Juniper and 13th Streets, Bru offers 39 beers on draft, many of which are direct offerings from Germany, and an extensive bottle list.  Those who crave an authentic German food experience will not be disappointed, as they can dine on wurst, spatzel, and schnitzel to their heart’s content.

Welcome to Bru
39 Beers on Draft

Thirsty patrons approaching Bru are first greeted by long wooden picnic tables available for alfresco dining in front of the Chestnut Street location.  Inside, visitors are greeted with a warming combination of reclaimed wood and exposed brick across the restaurant.  Steins and authentic German artifacts decorate the main wall across from the bar down the length of the dining area.  Past the main bar area on the left, is one of Bru’s unique features known as the Bier Wall.  This large apparatus is a self-serve beer station featuring 5-6 beers at a time.  Those who shell out $5 for a beer key may pour their own beer from the Bier Wall which charges users by the ounce.  This feature provides regulars with a second option from which to draw on various German nectars other than the main bar.

Bru in its German Glory with the Bier Wall on the Left

From the menu Bru offers an extensive selection of Bavarian/American choices.  Of particular interest are four ethnic choices which Bru does better than any other option in the city.  First and foremost, Bru delivers the best Wurst sandwich in Philadelphia.  On a daily basis there are four different sausage sandwiches offered depending on local availability.  Each of these are crafted to perfection in the Bru kitchen and offered with the best complements.

A Chorizo Wurst with Caramelized Onions

Following the Wurst selections is the Jagerschnitzel.  A veal cutlet with greens and potato salad covered in mushroom gravy will satisfy those with the greatest hunger pains.  For those with smaller appetites, the potato pancakes and spatzel act as first rate starters.  The potato pancakes are crispy and flavorful, making those of Eastern European ancestry proud.

Potato Pancakes with a Hacker-Pschorr Dunkle Weiss

Although it may seem too good to be true, Bru delivers more than an authentic German experience.  From 4-7 PM on weekdays, Bru offers one of center city’s best happy hours offering $4 drafts (for the majority of drafts) and $5 starters and Wurst sandwiches.  Of these, the Hacker Pschorr Dunkle Weiss, is a continual standard and excellent choice for those who like a heartier beer of an amber color.  Bru is also one of the few bars in Philadelphia which feature Premier League and Champions League soccer matches.  With the overall German slant and European tendencies, patrons feel right at home rooting for their favorite European soccer team.  Bru is also an excellent destination for any other sporting event including football as we know it in America.  Regardless of your disposition, Bru is an excellent place to share a special occasion, a happy hour, or simply a post-work beer with those that share your daily trepidations.


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